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For Parents - First Day

Starting school is a major change in a young person's life. Some children adjust more easily than others.

Most children that come to Montessori are eager, alert, independent children that come into the classroom and immediately begin taking advantage of the materials offered. Dependent children who are encouraged to go about on their own, need time to adjust and to become independent. A child who has been the center of attention and suddenly becomes one of the group, needs time to discover his own abilities and the satisfaction that comes from individual accomplishments.

The parent's attitude toward school is of great importance during the first weeks. If you ask your child, "Do you like school?" or "Do you want to go to school?” you are implying that perhaps there is some reason he shouldn't like school or that perhaps there is some reason he shouldn’t want to go to school. Besides, he will be sure to tell you if his feelings are negative, but let it be his own idea, and not yours. If for some reason you are concerned, please call the Director and discuss the situation with her, but please try to show only positive attitudes to your child.

Please be reassured your child will be nurtured, guided and loved by an experienced teacher.

What to expect

Our unique environment is effective and fun. The curriculum incorporates group activities to reinforce the fun of Spanish language in song, movement and games. Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool provides a safe and caring environment during working hours on which parent can rely.

Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool aims to prepare its students to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive curriculum based on Montessori education, tailored specifically for children, with enhanced first class childcare services. What sets Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool apart from the competition are its Montessori trained teachers, highest quality Montessori materials, after-school work, cleanliness, and activities such as arts and crafts, etc..

Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool follows the teachings and principles of Maria Montessori through well-prepared environments that meet the needs and challenges of all children. We focus on each child's individual needs and provide them with the necessary tools to grow, because every child is unique.