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Montessori education offers a broad vision of education as an “aid to life”. This method succeeds because it draws on the natural development of the child. Each child’s inner directives are guided towards wholesome growth. The freedom of choice inherent within the prepared classroom environment promotes a lifelong love of learning in the child.

The Montessori approach to education requires that children are placed in a well planned and structured environment which will meet their individual educational and cultural needs. The children are free to follow their own interests within this planned environment, rather than being forced to learn something that is inappropriate to their developmental stage. The result is that children develop in a natural way and are highly motivated. They develop good discipline and master basic skills, and in many cases earlier than in a more traditional system of education. To bring about these results the teacher is trained in specific skills, the curriculum is carefully planned to reflect the children's own culture and educational needs. The materials for the curriculum are specifically Montessori and the outcome for each child is unique.