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Little Einstein's Montessori

Little Einstein’s Montessori Prechool is a community of children, parents, teachers and staff dedicated to Montessori philosophy. Our students graduate with a lifelong love of learning and a desire to be of service to the world around them.


Welcoming place that
Engages each child

Montessori education offers a broad vision of education as an “aid to life”. This method succeeds because it draws on the natural development of the child. Each child’s inner directives are guided towards wholesome growth. The freedom of choice inherent within the prepared classroom environment promotes a lifelong love of learning in the child.


Why People Choose Us

Montessori Principles

Our mission is to provide a prepared environment based on Montessori principles where children can develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Bilingual Eduction

Why Spanish? ¿Por Qué Español?. Give your child the lifetime boost of knowing a second language. According to the US Census, 1 in 5 US residents speak a foreign language at home, even though most speak English well. Spanish is overwhelmingly the non-English language spoken in the US. LEM provides a unique window into this language and its cultures.